Transaction Management

Gain end-to-end visibility and insight into the entire lifecycle of healthcare transactions

Every day, healthcare generates more and more data. This data must be collected and archived to comply with HIPAA regulations. For many health plans and providers, the amount of data is staggering. Transaction Management correlates clinical and administrative data, provides real-time visibility into transactions, and enables self-service functionality.

Infographic - Transaction Mgmt


Real-Time Visibility

  • Receive business-friendly views easily consumed by non-EDI staff
  • Detect abnormal processing and data patterns with audit and research tools
  • Access archived data quickly and easily
  • Track service-level agreements and processing to comply with CAQH CORE response times

Get real-time visibility into transactions and enable self-service functionality.

Smart Data Correlations

  • Organize results based on information need, time, and type of data with rich filters
  • Report key metrics by type and partner
  • Uses a timeline view to visually explore data associated with episodes of care and claims

Correlate clinical and administrative data for intelligent insights.

Data Quality Monitoring

  • Increase automation rates with deep data quality monitoring and what-if analysis
  • Configure workflow and escalations to correct transactions before they’re transmitted
  • Get alerts when service-level exceptions occur
  • Leverage granular role-based control to secure transactions and views

Track, access and control real-time and archived data at your door.