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Women In Healthcare

While women are involved in over 80% of healthcare decisions, women are only 14% of the HIT c-suite

Edifecs has partnered with Ryka shoes and joined forces with industry leaders to enact this culture shift.

We are on a mission to elevate the visibility of today’s female healthcare leaders to inspire young women and girls in STEM.

Follow us on twitter @WhatIRun and share more about your role in leading a business, a household, a department, or a scout troop with #WhatIRun to help raise awareness for the campaign.

“We have to change the culture if we want to change the numbers.” Fortune Magazine February 2016

Join us at

NPAG Conference

"Shifting Sands of EDI" with Smarter Pipes


Isle of Palms, SC

Over half of the blues plans are currently utilizing Edifecs solutions to achieve compliancy, automate claims processes, and reduce costs by effectively harnessing partner data.

Health plans are being challenged from all sides to make smarter decisions when faced with modernization. Learn what “Smarter Pipes” means and how our clients can leverage current investments to handle clinical data exchange. Find out how to get more and grow any value-based program.


Poised to Maximize Success Under CJR?

Edifecs Episode Payment Solution for CJR combines episode analytics with management and workflow tools for episode bundling and gainsharing administration to help you maximize revenue under CMS CJR (Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement) program.

Smarter Clinical Attachments Demo

Practical Approach to Integrated Clinical Attachments

Sergiu Rata, product manager and team, explains how we have extended the capabilities of Smart Trading product line to support a cost effective, end-to-end claims attachment solution that meets the current NCVHS attachments recommendation to HHS. This discussion and demonstration will focus on the functional and technical aspects of how to move forward with a clinical attachment project “now” without fearing standards or sweating complex system integrations.

Meet Our Speakers:

Sergiu Rata

Sergiu Rata

Sr. Director, Product Management


John Kelly

John Kelly

Principal Business Advisor


Tsunami of Healthcare
Data Requires Smart

Edifecs Trading Solutions enable healthcare organizations to trade efficiently, assure compliance, correlate clinical and administrative data and deliver real-time visibility of partner exchanges.

Healthcare data exchange is growing exponentially
Post-reform initiatives create waves of data that must be consumed and cleansed to power Value-Based programs.

XEngine Server

Live Virtual and
Video Training

Edifecs University announces the XEngine Certified Associate Program. Get trained then get certified on your XEngine expertise. Test from anywhere using our web-based platform. An XEngine Virtual Class with hands-on labs is excellent preparation for the test.

New - XEngine Video Training refreshes your knowledge.

*Note: We do not recommend video training to fully prepare for the larger scope of the XEngine certification examination.

Meet Our Instructors:

ken Macfarlane

Ken Macfarlane

Senior Technical Trainer

Edifecs University

Paul Jonusaitis

Paul Jonusaitis


Edifecs University

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    Over the past few years, we've laid the foundation for advanced data storage, expedited information processing and improved job precision. Edifecs Solutions have helped increasing performance, while actually enhancing accuracy. We have moved light years ahead in service efficiency.
  • One State's Story, Seizing HIX Promise, Evading Pitfalls

    A small northeastern state already leads the nation. Among the first in the U.S. to establish guaranteed issue and charging forward with its own HIX.

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