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Risk Adjustment
Point-of-Care Advisor

With Edifecs Pre-Visit Prep, our AI and proprietary NLP engine analyze structured and unstructured clinical data to highlight clinical indicators and flag risk-adjustable opportunities. Being aware of these opportunities is essential—but acting on them is even more important.

Once the CDI team reviews the clinical insights gleaned from Pre-Visit Prep, our SaaS-based Point-of-Care Advisor solution puts those insights where they can do the most good: in front of providers during the patient visit.

Get More Information, Faster.

Edifecs helps harness and deliver the clinical data providers need to care for their patients.

Risk Adjustment Solution 1
  • Reduce time spent reviewing historical chart data
  • Take action on more risk-adjustable opportunities
  • Improve care management and planning and patient outreach

Get the information that matters

Focus on active conditions impacting patient care and treatment.

HCC Risk Adjustment 2
  • Minimize provider distractions during visits
  • Track and manage provider performance against KPIs
  • Validate identified opportunities brought forward from Pre-Visit Prep

Do more for patients

Deliver a more patient-centered experience

Risk Adjustment in Healthcare 3
  • Determine the appropriate level of care for patients’ conditions
  • Reduce charting time with pre-populated ICD-10 codes
  • Ensure accurate and complete care funding and reduce rejected claims

Put insights to good use

Focus on the conditions with the biggest impact on patient health.

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