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Payer to Payer Data Exchange

Sharing member data with other payers is more than just a compliance requirement. To create a truly interoperable healthcare system, members need to be able to access their health data any time and from anywhere, even if they switch health plans. But establishing point-to-point connections with a variety of other payers requires significant time and resources.

Edifecs’ cloud-based Payer to Payer Data Exchange reduces the costs and complexity associated with data exchange. With our SaaS-based solution, health plans can establish a single, one-time connection to other payers’ FHIR®environments that seamlessly handles all future inbound and outbound member requests for the rest of the payer community.

Reduce Your IT Footprint, Costs, and Complexity

Streamline compliance and ensure a better member experience—all with one solution.

Healthcare Interoperability 1
  • Ensure secure and reliable data exchange
  • Leverage payer and provider analytics for better member outcomes
  • Provide a holistic view of member health data

Simplify the data exchange process

Help your members access the data they need, when they need it.

Patient Data Management 2
  • Get real-time data from other payers whenever your members need it
  • Seamlessly manage bi-directional data exchange
  • Enable single-sign-on for a more seamless user experience

Improve the member experience

Spend less time getting data and more time putting that data to good use.

FHIR Edifecs 3
  • Streamline processes with FHIR®-based proxies and a web portal
  • Ensure faster time-to-market with industry implementation guides
  • Access end-to-end audit tracking and view requests and responses

Enhance your operational performance

Deliver greater value to your members by working more effectively with other payers.

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