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Risk Adjustment
Retrospective Review

Health plans need to maximize revenues, identify risk-adjustable opportunities, and minimize coding errors, all while remaining compliant with changing regulatory guidelines. Edifecs Retrospective Review combines claims information with structured and unstructured clinical data to build a full and comprehensive picture of your member population’s disease burden.

A 4X Increase in Coder Productivity

Edifecs helps health plans optimize their coder efficiency. Get in touch to learn more.

Risk Adjustment Solution 1
  • Focus coder review efforts on highest-value opportunities
  • Effectively scale to accommodate larger volumes of data
  • Enable real-time tracking of coder productivity and accuracy

Increase coder productivity

Improve workflow efficiency to help your team handle more reviews.

HCC Risk Adjustment 2
  • Uncover ~1 additional HCC for every 4 MA or 5 ACA members reviewed
  • Reduce audit risk with two-way review that highlights adds and deletes
  • Improve revenue integrity and ensure accurate reimbursement

Ensure correct documentation

Leverage NLP to highlight and correct coding and documentation discrepancies.

Risk Adjustment in Healthcare 3
  • Identify records coded outside of standard guidelines (e.g., M.E.A.T.)
  • Isolate and prioritize coding gaps with NLP technology
  • Easily locate incremental diagnosis codes or HCCs

Improve RAF scores

Gain confidence in coding and documentation accuracy.

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