MapBuilder Fundamentals

This course is for implementation team members, business analysts, and technical project managers who implement or maintain MapBuilder translation maps. In this course you will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Navigate the MapBuilder Interface
  • Create, edit, test and deploy maps for common use cases
  • Understand the logic of the XEngine Translator
  • Understand the configuration options for map deployment

Translation maps are used in many Edifecs implementation projects to support integration between standard healthcare transactions and proprietary or specialized application formats. Effectively designed and implemented maps simplify overall project design and reduce time to delivery

Edifecs SpecBuilder training and/or hands-on experience is strongly recommended.

Course Topics

  • MapBuilder Introduction
  • Navigation of MapBuilder Interface
  • Creation of a simple Map (hands-on lab)
  • Mapping Functions Usage
  • Debugging a map
  • Documenting a map
  • Complex mapping scenarios (discussion and hands-on labs)
  • Hands on lab