Where can I find courses available in the self-paced video format?

You can find courses listed above https://edifecs.com/course-catalog

How do I place an order for self-paced video courses?

Find the self-paced video course you want at https://edifecs.com/course-catalog

Complete the required details on the form to sign up for the course you want to attend. An Edifecs University representative will get back to you with a confirmation email once your eligibility has been confirmed. The confirmation mail will have the payment link. Once the payment has been made, you will receive Learning Management System (LMS) login credentials to access the streaming video self-paced course.

What is the process to access the self-paced video courses?

Once you have received your Learning Management System (LMS) log-in credentials, you can log in and find the course under the Course Library or Courses To-Do tab. You will have access to the course for 60 days from your first log-in date.

What features are available in self-paced video course?

Features include:

  • Expert instruction of the Edifecs software
  • Demonstration of important uses of the software
  • High-definition viewing
  • Unlimited playback of any session
  • Pause, Fast forward, Rewind, Full screen view
  • Knowledge checks

How long do I have access to these video files for self-paced video courses?

You have 60-day access to your video course title from your first log-in date.

Can I login to my Edifecs University self-paced video course from any computer with my username and password or am I limited to a single computer?

Yes, you can login to your self-paced course from any internet connected computer.

Can I download the training videos?

Self-paced videos are streaming-only. You can view the training videos from a device connected to internet. Downloading is not available.

Can I share my access to a course with my colleagues?

No, your access is licensed for eligible, specific individual use. Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited.

What are technical requirements to watch the self-paced videos?

All you need is a standard laptop or desktop system running a current version of a browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge), with a display that supports at least 1920 x 108 resolution, speakers or headset to hear the narration, and a broadband internet connection. A tablet (iPad or Android) may work, but browser compatibility issues could occur.

How can I get support if the video does not play correctly?

Please contact us via email at training@edifecs.com

Is there a virtual training environment for self-paced video courses?

The self-paced videos include demonstrations of live scenarios. We do not provide virtual training environments for participants at this time, but check back in later this year for updates.