XEngine Server

Automate and optimize data exchange across the care continuum.

More than ever, there’s an increasing need for the real-time exchange of data between organizations. The effective exchange of information—whether administrative or clinical—is foundational to core business processes, compliance, and value-based payment models. XEngine Server facilitates the exchange of information at specific points in the care continuum, interacts with a variety of existing information systems, and consolidates transaction streams leveraging a unified gateway.

Infographic - XEngine Server


High-Quality Data Exchange

  • Integrate clinical and administrative data into a unified front-end system
  • Catch errors early and prevent failures in downstream systems to increase the first-pass rate
  • Validate data elements against more than 60+ code sets
  • Connect via more than 30 industry protocols and exchange methods
  • Identify and track problematic behavior to resolve issues quickly

Trust your data with maximized data accuracy and workflows.

Real-Time & Batch Interoperability

  • Automate management of control functions
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare mandates, state regulations, and enterprise guidelines
  • Consolidate disparate channels into a single, unified front-end system
  • Transmit outbound batches automatically based on schedule, volume, or custom criteria
  • Automate message processing and routing rules to reliably deliver clean data

Automate the exchange of critical data in real-time and optimize batch processing for straight through processing.

Automated Performance Management

  • Detect and notify message backlogs, peak loads, and low volumes by partner, time period, and more
  • Ensure process completeness and prevent costly rework
  • Monitor activity outside the expected minimum or maximum range
  • Address potential issues with customizable alerts and notifications

Enable operational integrity at the enterprise level.