XES - TM/TPM Integration

XEngine Server and Transaction Management/Trading Partner Management are integrated in a Smart Trading implementation. XEngine Server uses the settings and rules defined in Trading Partner Management for processing, and sends packages of transaction data and other information to Transaction Management. There are many configuration requirements and options to consider for an effective implementation.

  • Configure XEngine Server profiles and routes to connect to Transaction Management and Trading Partner Management
  • Identify and correct design-time and runtime errors
  • Understand how TrackingInfoProcessor and other utility processes support the integration processes

You will learn how to effectively integrate XEngine Server processing logic into TM/TPM to support your organization’s business and technical objectives.

Course Topics

  • XES/TM/TPM architecture and component review
  • Detailed review of configuration settings
  • Best practices
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Hands-on labs