Why Edifecs?

For twenty years, Edifecs has galvanized an industry-leading approach to standards-based information exchange between payers and providers. Now our customers are seamlessly co-opting this expert information flow to accelerate the speed-to-market of new business models and partnerships. Edifecs is the industry’s first company to focus on scaling healthcare partnerships by breaking down process siloes to unleash data flow. And our customers are benefiting—in spades. 

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    Discover why more than 350 of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations choose our solutions to help lock-in their clinical and financial success.
    Think Smart Trading. Smart Apps. Smart Partnerships.

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    Smart Trading. Healthcare improvement initiatives rely on trusted information. But no single actor in healthcare has all the required information. Information must be exchanged between partners and this exchange requirement is evolving rapidly both in content and format. Edifecs Smart Trading is the industry’s premier trading solution. It is the one-stop, adaptive answer to all your information exchange needs—and delivers real-time visibility.

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    Smart Apps. Despite significant investment, core systems are not flexible or agile enough to adapt to rapidly changing care delivery, payment or access models. These systems are also unable to keep up with new levels of experimentation and the increased need for customized approaches. Edifecs solves this dilemma. Our solutions surround your existing core system investments—with real-time analytics and flexible process automation—to fill in the gaps created by changing business and partnership models.

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    Smart Partnerships. Scaling partnerships has become an imperative for every healthcare entity. Doing this in a multi-payer, multi-provider setting increases complexity tenfold. Learn how Edifecs solutions can help you design and support partnership communities. They provide a common infrastructure for sharing intelligence, applications and best practices.

Our Customers

Our customers are considered our greatest asset. They inspire us to design and deliver solutions and services that create game-changing results for them and the millions of consumers they serve. We are in lock-step agreement with our customers: Improve the value of healthcare for everyone.

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