Healthcare Partnerships. A New Approach.

Harness healthcare data into partnership solutions to power your reform initiatives

October 1 is not the end of your
ICD-10 journey, but the beginning.
Get insight on the financial impact
of the transition today.

ICD-10 will impact health plan revenue, especially those dealing with HCCs. Plans must analyze and monitor the ICD-10 shift or risk leaking revenue.

Tsunami of Healthcare
Data Requires Smart

Edifecs Trading Solutions enable healthcare organizations to trade efficiently, assure compliance, correlate clinical and administrative data and deliver real-time visibility of partner exchanges.

Healthcare data exchange is growing exponentially
Post-reform initiatives create waves of data that must be consumed and cleansed to power Value-Based programs.

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Foundation to Shared Value

Reston, VA

Join us as John Kelly explains deportalization, a key to administrative simplification. Managing, modeling or measuring contract transitions? Shared risk, shared savings or an ICD-10 migration headache?
Come see how we can help.



Unlock the

Gather the information you need to assess your organization’s compliance. Understand how Operating Rules builds on standards, accelerates interoperability and yields tangible value for all trading partners. Review the issues that your colleagues are facing with compliance by transaction set to identify automation opportunities, savings and common challenges.


[2 Part Series]

Meet Our Speakers:

Vijay Bhuttar

Vijay Bhuttar

Senior Director,

Product Management

John Kelly

John Kelly

Principal Business Advisor,

Product Management

  • Our Customers

    Over the past few years, we've laid the foundation for advanced data storage, expedited information processing and improved job precision. Edifecs Solutions have helped increasing performance, while actually enhancing accuracy. We have moved light years ahead in service efficiency.
  • One State's Story, Seizing HIX Promise, Evading Pitfalls

    A small northeastern state already leads the nation. Among the first in the U.S. to establish guaranteed issue and charging forward with its own HIX.

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