Who We Are

Here at Edifecs, our work is more than just a job. It is our passion. We are passionate about improving our healthcare system and that passion is evident in everything we do. Every day, we work to optimize end-to-end patient data exchange and derive insights for our healthcare customers so they can better serve their members and patients. We’re parents, grandparents, children, spouses, partners, and friends who understand how important healthcare data and technology are to care, decision-making, healing, and wellness. We’re healthcare IT professionals, certainly. But we’re also members, patients, and caregivers. That’s what drives us. That’s why we succeed.

What We Do

We put healthcare data to work. We optimize and perfect the end-to-end process of patient data interchange. Our solutions onboard the data effectively and easily, securely exchange it across the partner network, and help ensure its quality. We extract its meaning to improve business functions, mitigate risk, and enable value-based payment programs. And we apply our machine learning and AI capabilities to this data to power Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and predictive capabilities.

With 25 years of experience enabling data interchange across the care continuum, keeping healthcare organizations healthy is What We Do.

Our Mission

Edifecs is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation by optimizing the end-to-end process of patient data interchange.