Partner Collaboration

Solutions supporting your community of suppliers and trading partners

Effective communication and reliable integration are critical to any successful partnership. When these are missing, breakdowns occur—directly impacting sales and customer satisfaction. To maximize productivity, effective vendor management requires more than the ability to communicate with partners. Today, collaboration and flawless data integrity with—and between—partners is essential.

Edifecs offers you an ideal set of solutions.

Single Point of Control. Experience a single point of collaboration with all your partners, and the ability to manage large trading communities with self-service onboarding.

  • Online portal for documents, partner information, support, and issue tracking
  • Guidelines provided by Edifecs SpecBuilder

Community Management. Provide self-service portal for partners to register and maintain their profile information.

  • It’s a cloud based self-service model, eliminating manual community support
  • Efficiently guides partners through every step of the onboarding process

Responsive Partner Onboarding. Automate contact management, transaction testing and one-click access to online support, notifications and issues tracking.

  • The self-testing portal validates transactions and automates partner certification
  • Partners maintain contact information and support community management

Trading Platform products supporting this solution: