Intelligent Processing

Reliable data exchange for mission critical systems

Organizations in high-volume data environments must effectively and reliably manage data across multiple systems—at the right time and in the right format. Inconsistent transactions, lack of data integrity, and difficulty integrating with existing systems are all common barriers to success. These can lead to costly delays, lost sales, chargebacks, and return recalls.

Trust your data integrity with Edifecs Intelligent Processing solutions.

Enterprise Runtime Engine. This is a comprehensive transaction processing application fully integrated into our best-in-class design and testing solutions.

  • Improve transaction quality by accurately validating transactions and catching errors early—preventing downstream failures
  • Split, route, and aggregate transactions based on business criteria
  • Validate inbound/outbound transactions against specifications built in Edifecs SpecBuilder, then generate and communicate reports

Data Flow Modeling. Experience a visual interface for easy and rapid design, management, and control of all your transaction processing.

  • Benefit from visual modeling and control of the transaction messaging flow
  • Translate data and crosswalk codes in real-time
  • Support real-time and batch processing, reducing latency
  • Reduce system constraints of processing very large data files by patch processing and splitting and aggregating files

Adapt and Integrate. Receive broad-based integration support for standard and proprietary formats and procedures. Now you get data staged and routed throughout your infrastructure.

  • Customize front-end processing and integration with core systems
  • Standardize business processes across hybrid systems, on-premise and cloud SaaS applications

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