Edifecs Outsourcing

Let Edifecs experience help you advance your EDI operation

If your business needs EDI today, outsourced solutions may be the best place to start. Because of the lower cost of ownership and the quick results provided, companies of all sizes are outsourcing their EDI and integration services.

Why outsourced B2B solutions might be right for you.

Rising operation costs. EDI and B2B e-commerce activities are core business necessities, but the costs associated with running an in-house EDI program are rising.

EDI consolidation. ERP software and services are set to expire or upgrade, creating the opportunity to reduce costs by moving EDI operations off-premises.

Limited expertise or resources. The EDI team doesn't have the expertise to drive vital new B2B capabilities that are core to future success-and, like most IT groups, team members are likely already overloaded with other technology initiatives—stretching their resources.

Simplified partner onboarding. In a supply chain that's constantly changing, you need to onboard new trading partners and enhance B2B relationships in a timely way, while preserving data quality.

Changing compliance guidelines. New connectivity mandates such as AS2 and EDI translation requirements—which change as partners are on-boarded—create larger workloads on EDI teams.

Let the EDI experts at Edifecs become your EDI team, keeping you focus on all other aspects of your business.

Edifecs’ proven technical expertise and comprehensive services include:

  • Data Reconciliation
  • Trading Partner On-Boarding
  • EDI Mapping
  • EDI Testing and Compliance
  • EDI Software and Map Upgrades
  • EDI Monitoring
  • New Installations

Our experienced EDI professionals track and report data integration activity and provide comprehensive custom reporting. We also develop procedures that ensure compliance and identify and correct data discrepancies.