Edifecs Hosted Solutions

Host confidently and securely

Edifecs hosted solutions offer a cost effective way to become instantly EDI compliant with your trading partner community, providing you access to a world-class data center. Specializing in mission-critical applications, the Edifecs cloud platform enables you to exchange electronic documents with other members of your business community without worrying about standards, document formats or communication protocols.


  • Streamline transaction validation, transmission, and processing
  • Real-time visibility of all documents throughout the supply chain
  • Seamless integration to/from any backend application
  • Easy access for subscribers to use and integrate into their manufacturing and order entry applications
  • Mission-critical applications completely adhere to mandated privacy and security standards

A look at how Edifecs hosted solutions route and process data from back-end to trading partner


  • Always accessible. EDI transactions, such as order or invoice processing, can be accessed anytime via internet.
  • Guaranteed version support. Your EDI solution remains up-to-date and runs on the latest software version available – giving you the reliability you need to run your business day in and day out.
  • Capital cost savings. You save upfront capital by subscribing to an elastic infrastructure with on-demand resources.
  • Seamless data archiving. Having a hosted solution removes the complexity associated with compliant data retention policies.
  • Edifecs supports you. Transfer technical maintenance responsibilities, upgrades and system performance to Edifecs.