Design & Test

The most comprehensive and rigorous design and testing solutions in the market today

Data is the lifeline of every organization. How it’s managed can provide either business value or new operational risks. When transaction guidelines are poorly managed, they produce errors, poor first-pass rates, and long processing cycles. Ineffective guidelines can also cause communication problems with trading partners—wasting time and resources. Today, more than ever, fully managed and accurate specifications are essential for an efficient trading partner ecosystem.

Edifecs design and test solutions provide what you need.

The Benchmark for Data Standard Specifications. Experience the most comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date set of global, multi-industry data standards libraries.

  • Author, test, and publish integration specifications leveraging over 30,000 prebuilt guideline templates
  • Reverse engineer guidelines from a data file
  • Render guidelines in a variety of easy-to-read formats

Design time business insights. On-demand access and analysis across data files and all key format specifications.

  • Ad-hoc business insights without the need for expensive ETL (extract, transform and load)
  • Perform gap analysis and complete point-and-click migrations between different versions of guidelines
  • Slice and dice information to perform visual pivot reports
  • Enable future supply management decisions based on past and current sales and demand trends

Intuitive Mapping and Partner Testing. Complete lifecycle for data transaction modeling. Combines format mapping with a robust trading partners’ file exchange.

  • Build specification of data transformation between formats
  • Visually translate between formats
  • Easily replace source/target with different structure and visually re-map the differences
  • Interactively debug for quick troubleshooting

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