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Welcome to the evolution of multi-enterprise business processes

Edifecs Trading Platform Solutions provide companies the ability to effectively onboard and test trading partners, shield backend systems from bad data, and increase first-pass acceptance rates. With an enterprise scaled trading platform, data quality and validation can be almost completely automated—reducing production support efforts associated with manual error correction. You save time and resources.

With Edifecs, you get simple onboarding, any data-to-any system routing, and end-to-end visibility

Edifecs offers a stepped approach to solving your data flow management

Step 1. Start with good specs. A consistent way to handle a variety of formats.
Step 2. Collaborate and coordinate. Define rules and publish them for internal team members and external trading partners.
Step 3. Activate the intelligent run-time engine. Separate good data from bad data in real-time and batch processing.
Step 4. Gather data insights. 
Utilize correlated transactions, history and dashboards for trends and analysis.

1. Good Specification 2 Collaborate & Coordinate 3. Intelligent Run-Time Engine 4. Data is Information Insight