Supply Chain & Logistics

We simplify your data systems with flexible, customizable tools

Are you facing any of these challenges today?

  • Management asks you to cut costs and consolidate IT gateways
  • Partners get frustrated each time your web portal gives conflicting error messages
  • Your sales team commits to fully onboard partners in days or weeks
  • Your batch load fails and no one notices until a customer calls
  • Expanded information for senders and receivers about their shipments, arrival times, and delivery dispositions

Connecting logistics data to all of your critical systems is complex, time consuming and error-prone.  Edifecs solves these challenges with a flexible design-time tool that enables you to incorporate standard as well as custom format requirements into your data-integration systems. Our solutions allow you to quickly onboard new trading partners, and avoid disruptions in the flow of invoices, orders, and other documents critical to your supply chain.

It’s time to increase the data quality and reliability of your logistics control system.

With Edifecs technology, you get:

  • Mapping and Monitoring. Mapping services and effective monitoring of routes and service-level agreements
  • Auditing and Compliance Checking. Auditing capabilities that automatically manage compliance across the EDI gateway, increasing the data quality and consistency among trading partners
  • Visibility and Correlation. Our XEngine solution for routing and transactional memory, for improved visibility and correlation
  • Self-Service Onboarding. Rapid onboarding of new trading partners via standard, automated guidelines
  • Logistical Insight. Expanded information for senders and receivers about their shipments, arrival times, and delivery dispositions

Edifecs solutions work on-premise and in the cloud to integrate data and improve data quality


How Edifecs solves it

A Fortune 500 company needs to deliver and track more than 100,000 shipments daily and the sales team is committed to begin doing this in two months.

Their customers connect with different parts of the organization using various routes and protocols. IT support costs are increasing, budgets are decreasing, service support and reliability is suffering.

The company wants an end-to-end integrated data exchange solution to support all eCommerce transactions – in real time. They also want to add real-time messaging for one partner and broker it to those who still need batch data.

Edifecs Trading Platform solution enables handling of millions of electronic transactions daily across multiple types and formats of messaging.

Our solution seamlessly integrates data across various systems and protocols: on-premise and in the cloud.

Improved quality of data for forecasting.

Our customers benefit from real-time, event driven and interactive collaboration with business partners, customers and vendors.

We Support:

EDIFACT, X12, Delimited Flat
File (CSV-like), Positional Flat
File, RosettaNet Message,
Telecommunication, W3C XML Schema

Windows, IBM AIX ,
HP, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat, Linux

SQL Databases:
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, DB-2