Take control of your supply chain and merchandising data

Being agile in retail today requires IT systems to support high volumes and complex distribution networks. Edifecs solutions enable you to see, manage, and react to events when they happen. You’ll have the governance you need to maintain an efficient supply chain, protect against data loss, comply with global regulatory standards, monitor KPIs, and satisfy your service-level agreements.

Edifecs understands the complexity of enforcing policies at the edge of your enterprise—and solves it.

With Edifecs technology, you get:

  • Order to Cash Tools. Improve your onboarding, data mapping, status tracking and partner compliance with your supply chain  procedures.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency. Improve visibility across the supply chain for efficient inventory, forecasting, and planning. Detect potential lost sales, late inventory, failures to comply with policy—and improve your customer responsiveness.
  • Standardized Business Information across Channels. Integrate data flowing from in-store, online, and mobile systems to capture all customer interactions, eliminating hurdles of multiple interfaces. Our solutions handle any size of data files from any source.
  • Targeted Marketing and Planning Context. Receive early indication of supply planning effectiveness based on purchase-order data and adjust marketing and promotions based on real-time purchasing behaviors.

Interoperability & the final rules

Everything you need to know

Whether it’s understanding the nuances of the CMS and ONC final rules, developing a roadmap to meet the deadlines, or implementing a solution, we’ve got you covered. As the leader in interoperability, Edifecs has the expertise to help you achieve compliance with the new mandates and unleash the power of secure, reliable electronic health data exchange.

We Support:

EDIFACT, X12, Delimited Flat
File (CSV-like), Positional Flat
File, RosettaNet Message,
Telecommunication, W3C XML Schema

Windows, IBM AIX ,
HP, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat, Linux

SQL Databases:
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, DB-2