Open channels to drive profit and get clear insight into your operations and customers

Because you are coordinating massive amounts of data within your supply chain, it’s possible—and common—for broken links to cause data gaps, missing orders, lost sales, and unpredictability. Edifecs’ full suite of solutions mitigates this risk. Whether your operation is assemble-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or a job shop, Edifecs enables you to meet trading partner demands, provide high quality and consistent data—while you increase visibility through every aspect of your supply chain.

Edifecs understand the complexity of enforcing policies at the edge of your enterprise—and solves it.

With Edifecs technology, you get:

  • Order to Cash Tools. Improve your onboarding, mapping and tracking, and avoid mistakes in your inventory management systems
  • End-to-End Visibility and Compliance. Improve your system’s responsiveness, forecasting, planning and policy enforcement through EDI compliance
  • Advanced Demand Forecasting. Correlate real-time and historical data to detect and understand demand patterns; anticipate shortages or excesses of raw materials.  Provide normalized data points to optimization engines to increase accuracy and reliability
  • Efficient ResourcingRapid onboarding of new trading partners via standard, automated guidelines
  • Seamless Data Integration. Integrate data, regardless of technological incompatibility, through robust data-integration capabilities

Here's how Edifecs filters and validates data

Interoperability & the final rules

Everything you need to know

Whether it’s understanding the nuances of the CMS and ONC final rules, developing a roadmap to meet the deadlines, or implementing a solution, we’ve got you covered. As the leader in interoperability, Edifecs has the expertise to help you achieve compliance with the new mandates and unleash the power of secure, reliable electronic health data exchange.

We Support:

EDIFACT, X12, Delimited Flat
File (CSV-like), Positional Flat
File, RosettaNet Message,
Telecommunication, W3C XML Schema

Windows, IBM AIX ,
HP, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat, Linux

SQL Databases:
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, DB-2