Financial Services

Our solutions boost compliance and upgrade your data integration

The reliable exchange of financial data is core to your business, and any break can cost you time, money, and customers. Edifecs solutions, tested and proven in other industries, help you avoid data processing issues or breaches. We align financial information flows with the movement of goods in the physical supply chain. A fully automated financial supply chain enables the seamless, accurate, and timely exchange of data between buyers, suppliers, and their financial institutions.

With Edifecs technology, you get:

  • Quality Data Integration. We improve your transaction quality by accurately validating, tracking, and analyzing millions of transactions. Our error-monitoring prevents downstream risks and failures. 
  • Order to Cash Tools. Improve your onboarding, mapping, tracking and partner compliance with your supply chain policies. 
  • EDI Compliance. Our years of EDI compliance leadership provides value-added benefits for service line product managers, EDI managers, and other organizational technology leaders.
  • Secured Data Transfer. Edifecs Trading Platform protects sensitive data and provides centralized control as well as secure managed file transfer—ensuring that your financial data chain is efficient.
  • Centralized Business Processes. Integrate data flow across hybrid systems — on-premise and cloud SaaS application from both legacy systems and new. The Edifecs Trading Platform presents customers with a banking experience where they need and how they need-mobile, on location or online.


Edifecs solutions for financial offer processing agility, saving you time and money

Interoperability & the final rules

Everything you need to know

Whether it’s understanding the nuances of the CMS and ONC final rules, developing a roadmap to meet the deadlines, or implementing a solution, we’ve got you covered. As the leader in interoperability, Edifecs has the expertise to help you achieve compliance with the new mandates and unleash the power of secure, reliable electronic health data exchange.

We Support:

EDIFACT, X12, Delimited Flat
File (CSV-like), Positional Flat
File, RosettaNet Message,
Telecommunication, W3C XML Schema

Windows, IBM AIX ,
HP, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat, Linux

SQL Databases:
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, DB-2