Now it’s your turn to profit from Edifecs global prominence as the EDI standards leader

Keeping up with data exchange standards remains a major challenge. Trends such as big data, cloud services implementations, and ERP/WMS upgrades are taxing older infrastructures. If you are like most businesses, you’re using a combination of old legacy systems and newer technology. How can you remain competitive in this complex implementation environment, where customers and partners expect faster response times, better visibility into critical business data, and a self-serve ability to resolve issues.

Let Edifecs keep you competitive now and into the future.

Edifecs provides a complete suite for designing, testing and integrating business information. Our solutions successfully manage your data quality—every step of the way. We are also making investments in the future of multi-enterprise ecosystems, such as data synchronization to match invoices with purchase orders, and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. As a respected, traditional EDI software company, Edifecs understands what you need to take your business to the next level.

More than 600 enterprises around the world trust Edifecs technology to boost their operational efficiencies.

Our solutions enable companies to:

  •  Remain compliant—on an ongoing basis
  •  Increase operational efficiency and decrease costs
  •  Improve decision-making with comprehensive views of business partner data

How Edifecs solutions manage the lifecycle of your information flow