Webinar Recordings

VIEW » Breaking Down EDI Barriers: Toolset for Managing EDI Guidelines

EDI professionals spend inordinate amounts of time managing guidelines that support data exchange. See how you can automate guideline design, editing and publishing, reduce production support requirements and process EDI data using examples that can be applied to your environment.


VIEW » EDI Transaction Quality: Tools to Improve Your Data

Reduce your production support requirements by preventing bad transactions from entering your production systems. A demonstration of our partner onboarding service and runtime software will provide examples for you take and apply to your environment.


VIEW » EDI Guideline Management: Automation Tools and Tactics

Supply chain EDI professionals process massive amounts of data on a daily basis. Adding to the challenges of a complex process is that many partner guideline requirements are unique, requiring customization. Simplify trading partner transmissions while maintaining speed and accuracy.


VIEW » Reducing costs and streamlining your end-to-end EDI processes

Do the terms missed sales/revenue opportunities, expansion failures, long on-boarding challenges, poor customer satisfaction, or lack of visibility into business trends sound all too familiar? Learn how you can reduce the complexity and cost of collaboration while transforming connectivity into your strategic differentiator.


VIEW » Streamline and Automate Trading Partner EDI On-Boarding, Management and Monitoring

Are you sick and tired of the repetitive, time consuming process of manually onboarding partners? Are you totally frustrated with the difficulties associated with setup and scaling to accommodate the growing of your business or the many mergers and acquisitions? There is a better way. Learn how you can automate the processes of trading partner onboarding, compliance of transactions, automatic certification of partners and community management – for companies like yours.


VIEW » Power of B2B Data Validation and Interactive Reporting

Do you wish you could shield your business from lost opportunities, chargebacks and return recalls? Or that you had the ability to exchange data at the right place and time—and in the right format? Edifecs understands that companies like yours are competing in complex, high-volume trading environments and that there is a vital need for effective data exchange and management. Learn how you can maintain a single business process across different systems, adapt quickly to changing environments and ever-evolving new transactions, avoid data crashes, and more.


VIEW » SpecBuilder Tips and Tricks

You already know EDI offers more than purchase orders, invoices or migrating documents. But just how creatively some businesses are harvesting their EDI investment might be very interesting and useful. Learn how companies like yours are automating their business processes, reducing staff time and saving money. You will see how to build rules logic when working with your trading partners. Or see how to customize error severity in the specifications, and how to rapidly update the older version of a guideline to a new one using data migrator. And much more.