Who we are

Edifecs is an innovative, award-winning pioneer in data exchange and management.

What we do

We develop and deliver industry-specific technology solutions to streamline core information channels.

We partner with more than 500 global enterprises to enhance their productivity and operational efficiency.

Edifecs technology simplifies Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and ensures conformance with industry-specific standards. Our solutions facilitate ongoing compliance, format specification and data integrity assurance.

Customers benefit from increased revenues through reduced operational costs and elimination of redundant, labor-intensive processing. Edifecs enables organizations to correlate and link data, and produce quality deliverables across the enterprise.

Our credentials

Edifecs took on the massive, complex EDI environments of U.S. healthcare giants–and positioned them for sustained growth. Today, more than 250 healthcare customers worldwide use Edifecs’ technology to drive down costs, meet regulatory compliance and improve healthcare business integration and delivery.

Our story

Our story began in 1996 when Sunny Singh, a passionate and savvy entrepreneur, began solving one of industries most burdensome, time consuming and wasteful problems: Paperwork. Lots of it with little benefit. His goal? Enhance the performance of global enterprises. How? Unify disparate information channels and automate core business processes.

Sunny and his team combined their software experience and innovative ideas in electronic trading—and took on the business of complex transaction processing across a wide variety of vertical industries.

It worked. And Edifecs has grown quickly ever since—from a tiny office crammed with desks and a founding team—to a global company with more than 600 employees. Today, Edifecs’ breakthrough solutions solve difficult, transaction integration and exchange problems, helping our customers move past barriers to achieve new levels of success and profitability.

Change creates momentum

Change is constant. And every decade, new technologies rise up to disrupt the status quo—creating a seismic shift that changes how business is conducted. Edifecs relishes these technology sea changes. We get energized by the prospect of creating data technology solutions that not only map to these seismic shifts, but also anticipate the kind of end-to-end enterprise solutions our customers will need in the future.

As a result of this laser focus, Edifecs today is a recognized industry leader and premier partnership platform for the Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Financial industries.

What's next?

Edifecs is busy. We’re building algorithms, data structures, collaborative transaction communities and simple interfaces. And we’re expanding beyond our large North American footprint to deliver solutions worldwide.

Edifecs. We build IT partnership solutions for a dynamic vertical industry marketplace.