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Enterprise Testing & Compliance

Is it possible to do automated regression testing at the same time you reduce the cost and effort for test data creation and maintenance.

Product Spotlight

  • Edifecs Collaborative Testing

    Edifecs Collaborative Testing enables testing of new and/or changed standards for healthcare data interchange across the healthcare supply chain between health insurers and healthcare providers. Health insurers can now offer self-service testing for providers, including a roundtrip starting with transaction submission, invoking the insurer’s core application and returning the generated response.

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  • Edifecs Test Management

    Edifecs Test Management offers highly productive test data creation and maintenance, by reusing historic transactions as candidate test cases, combined with advanced search and smart update capabilities, resulting in test sets with a very high test coverage.

    Test sets with corresponding output transactions are retained for automated regression testing and automated comparison of target application landscapes, both from a software and configuration perspective.

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Edifecs Test Management offers a test repository where test results are stored with a full audit trail, including date and time stamps. This is the basis for the pass/fail comparison reports and the automatically generated test documentation.

Creation and maintenance of test data

The following capabilities help reduce cost and duration of test projects, also leading to substantial qualitative benefits and reduction of critical resource constraints.

  • Search, select and de-identify historic healthcare transactions into the test data repository
  • Create and/or modify test data using seed data synchronized from the test environment,
  • Generate test data from existing data in intelligent ways, for example to generate test data for testing all kinds of limits
  • Generate high volumes of test data to support volume testing

Automated testing of the application landscape

The following capabilities provide correctness, timeliness and compliance to operations leads, the GRC department, external accountants and regulatory bodies.

  • Automated regression testing with very high test coverage for new versions of software and/or changed configurations (e.g. benefit rules and provider contracts)
  • Full audit trail of test execution with date/time stamps for test cases and test results
  • Automatic generation of test documentation, with pass/fail alerting, in various formats such as pdf and Excel spreadsheets
  • Automatic execution of millions of transactions for volume test purposes, to prove timeliness of the application landscape

Self-service testing for healthcare providers

The following capabilities enable self-service testing for healthcare providers against the health insurer’s core applications, resulting in low handling costs and increased quality.

  • Define test programs with healthcare providers to collaboratively test new and/or changed standards for healthcare data interchange
  • Offer full-loop, self-service testing, from submission of transactions to generation of corresponding response transactions
  • Provide production-like responses before the new standard is introduced, for example, on-line error reporting showing responses from the insurer’s core application
  • Collaborate through an advanced private or public cloud application, enabling the deployment of new and/or changed standards across the supply chain

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