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Configurable Healthcare Data

It is possible to substantially reduce time to market of new or changed interchange standards, enhance operational efficiency and improve first pass rates of healthcare messages, and offer a foundation for real-time use of all this data for innovative healthcare business applications.

Edifecs Trading Platform is a highly comprehensive and configurable solution that defines standards and processes healthcare messages through a model-based approach as opposed to hard coded software programming.
It allows for automated validation, technical workflows, mapping and real-time storage of all healthcare data (both financial and clinical). It can be used for both tracking-and tracing purposes and for innovative use in various healthcare business applications.

Product Spotlight

  • Edifecs XEngine Server

    Edifecs XEngine Server performs automated processing and validation of Healthcare Messages as defined by Edifecs SpecBuilder. It is another highly configurable part of the Edifecs Healthcare Data Interchange solution that validates transactions for compliance and executes defined mappings, workflows and relevant business rules.

    Correctly configured, it allows for significant improvement of first pass rates, reduction in handling costs and substantially enhanced operational efficiency.

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  • Edifecs Transaction Management

    Edifecs Transaction Management comes pre-integrated with both SpecBuilder and XEngine Server and has the unique capability to real-time store all healthcare transaction data (both administrative and clinical) in a user friendly way.

    It provides extensive facilities for visibility, logging, auditing and transparency required to track- and trace transactions.

    Because of the full life-cycle visibility of all healthcare transactions, Transaction Management is well positioned as the source for all kinds of innovative healthcare business applications, without the need to change existing IT systems.

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  • Edifecs SpecBuilder

    Edifecs SpecBuilder allows for significant simplification of the implementation of new or changed healthcare data interchange standards and interfaces, by using prebuilt templates and powerful modeling tools. It ensures compliance with national standards for Healthcare Data Interchange at any time and supports quick resolution of errors / deviations from the agreed standard through prebuilt error reports.

    With SpecBuilder mappings can be created from and to other formats, and from and to the various applications in an application landscape of an organization.

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Edifecs Trading Platform offers the tools to define and amend standards for healthcare data interchange, model the actual processing, mapping and validation of healthcare messages and allow for real-time storage of healthcare data (administrative and clinical) in a user friendly way, including pre-built dash boarding and reporting facilities.

Modeling of healthcare data interchange standards

The following capabilities help to decrease time to market, lower cost and reduce risk for the implementation of new or changed standards for Healthcare Data Interchange.

  • Generate specifications and guidelines based on model of standards
  • Create mappings and translations between data formats through graphical screen editor
  • Testing and troubleshooting with dedicated toolset
  • Publish and manage standards library

Automated processing and validation of healthcare messages

The following capabilities allow for a significant improvement of first pass rates, reduction in handling costs and substantially enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Validation of transactions for compliance, execute the mappings and relevant business rules
  • Highly configurable through graphical screen editor, allows for the highest levels of flexibility to support changing business needs
  • Proven scalability to extreme volumes of transaction data, hence the ability to validate your healthcare messages (not just a subset)
  • Allows for automatic correlation of in- and outgoing healthcare messages through configuration of routes / technical workflows

Real-time capture of all healthcare data interchange in Transaction Management

The following capabilities enable full life cycle visibility of all healthcare messages both for operational purposes and for innovative business applications.

  • Extensive set of pre-built reports and visual dashboards to support full life cycle management of health care messages: track and trace, identify deviations against agreed standards and service level agreements
  • Time stamps and all underlying transaction data allow for complete and concise reporting, for instance related to compliance
  • Full set of exception handling tools with configurable notifications, escalations and approval workflow
  • Real-time capture of all healthcare messages in a user friendly format that can be used by other health care business applications without the need to change existing IT systems

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