Smart Trading for SMB

Harness financial, clinical, and administrative data to drive business initiatives and enable administrative automation.

Smart Trading for SMB

Proactive has taken the place of reactive. At the foundation of every post-reform healthcare initiative is the need to connect partners and exchange clinical documents, claims, and other administrative data. Now more than ever before, growing health plans need nimble, efficient data integration, visualization capabilities, and error reduction to achieve those goals. With Smart Trading for SMB from Edifecs, small to mid-size payers can now quickly implement a cost-effective integration solution that delivers interoperability, data visualization, as well as data quality.

Our Approach

Healthcare is growing exponentially in volume, velocity and variety adding complexities and risks while requiring new initiatives be accelerated. Edifecs ensures data delivery, provides fast and reliable data processing, and delivers user-friendly authoring tools that save time and money. Smart Trading for SMB provides out-of-the-box support for HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, and NCPDP, significantly reducing cost while delivering improved services to your business and partners.


Use the gold standard in design-time tools

Edifecs SpecBuilder is an integrated and easy-to-use design-time toolkit that simplifies and accelerates authoring, testing and publishing specifications, and processing maps for all types of transaction processing.

  • Reduce the time to define message specifications using point-and-click tools and libraries of pre-built components.
  • Reduce costs by validating data elements, translating code sets and ensuring data quality before submission to enterprise applications.
  • Rapidly build communities, accelerate onboarding and improve partner satisfaction.

Industry leading healthcare run-time interoperability engine

The market leader in transaction-processing, XEngine Server ensures compliance by validating clinical and administrative transactions for syntax, semantics and custom business rules.

  • Achieve high-speed, high-quality interoperability by integrating clinical and administrative data into a unified front-end system.
  • Protect back-end systems from erroneous data while ensuring compliance with mandates, state regulations, and enterprise guidelines.
  • Automate message processing and routing rules to reliably deliver clean data.  Orchestration including splitting, routing, aggregation, and balancing.

Enable IT staff to monitor and control a group of XEngine Servers, respond to issues quickly and efficiently, and get alerts and notification before things go wrong.

  • Analysis to identify data quality patterns so intervention can be initiated.
  • Insight into common EDI errors such as rejection rates, errors, and claims aging.            
  • Submission summary dashboards summarize key indicators for claims, payments, enrollment, eligibility and other transactions.