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Value-based payment initiatives have moved beyond isolated pilots for micro-segments of members and providers; today’s healthcare organizations need sophisticated technology to manage complex programs for populations across multiple lines of business.

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End-to-End Value-Based Payment Program Development & Administration is Here

It’s time to move your value-based payment programs out of the infancy of isolated pilot projects and kludgy systems into an enterprise-wide, standardized, and automated solution that unlocks the true potential and impact of alternative payment models and value-based care. You may already have a successful workflow, but do you have a centralized platform for the development and administration of all value-based payment contracts, regardless of line of business, alternative payment model, or arrangement complexity? Are you equipped to rapidly scale to the growing demands of value-based payment programs?

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Population Payment Management

For 26 years, Edifecs has been orchestrating, connecting, and processing nearly all data categories most critical to impactful value-based payment programs. With a combined 150 years of experience in value-based programs, our subject matter experts are key contributors to organizations defining industry standards to advance value-based payment programs. Developing solutions enabling healthcare organizations to build, administer, monitor and optimize the performance of value-based payment programs to improve quality care, health equity, and health outcomes is a natural extension of our core competencies and expertise.

  • Standardize and automate the development and administration of value-based payment programs
  • Establish corporate standards and global rules for value-based payment contracts
  • Provide transparency in payment methodology and reporting between stakeholders and decision-makers (payers, providers, partners)
  • Optimize value-based payment programs for improved performance year-over-year
  • Scale value-based payment programs and improve provider adoption through the reuse of successful program models captured in user-configurable templates

Accelerate time-to-market with a standardized, automated approach to value-based payment program development and administration across all lines of business and alternative payment models.

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