Use Edifecs’ Trading Platform to Solve Challenges by Automating Core Business Data Integration Processes

Edifecs technology simplifies Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and ensures conformance with industry-specific standards. We serve customers from a variety of industries, including transportation and logistics, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and more. Our solutions facilitate ongoing compliance, format specification, and data integrity assurance.

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XEngine Server®

Maximize data exchange accuracy with high-quality data that’s run through unmatched auditing and quality checks.

  • Automate the exchange of critical data in real-time and batch
  • Integrate directly with Salesforce, Amazon Services, and XProcess Management
  • Ensure integrity of information exchange with trading partners

Reduce administrative and IT costs with improved data exchange accuracy

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Collaborative Testing

Streamline and automate partner on-boarding

  • Efficiently guide partners through every step of the onboarding process
  • Validate transactions and automate partner certification with a self-testing portal
  • Automate contact management, transaction testing, and one-click access to online support, notifications, and issues tracking

Streamline and automate partner on-boarding

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Map and translate a multitude of disjointed files and formats

  • Import and export specifications and data efficiently using a broad range of tools and third-party applications, including XSD, COBOL, SAP Idoc, and more
  • Perform gap analyses and point-and-click migrations between different versions of guidelines

Map and translate a multitude of disjointed files and formats.

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Save money, protect against fraud, and comply with regulations with over 30,000 pre-built templates. Leverage an integrated and easy-to-use user interface toolkit to simplify and accelerate authoring, testing, and publishing specifications for transaction processing

  • Develop implementation guides fast with an intuitive editor
  • Streamline management of multiple standards and formats using maps
  • Apply data governance to increase accuracy

Simplify Transaction Specifications With A Professional-Grade Toolkit

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