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Leveraging FHIR® standards to stay compliant and solve business problems

Healthcare consumers often become lost in an increasingly complex healthcare system that can create a poor experience and suboptimal health outcomes for them, and costly inefficiencies for you. That’s why CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) established FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) as the standard for data sharing between payers, providers, and patients.

As a founding member of Da Vinci, Edifecs carries compliance expertise, backed by reliable interoperability solutions, that have been validated and tested over time.

Our Smart Trading solutions use FHIR® standards to not only keep you compliant with the various mandates, like HIPAA, NCPDP, Operating Rules, and FHIR®, but they continue to position your organization for future success.

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XEngine Server for FHIR®

Enable continuous compliance with CMS FHIR® mandates. Streamline and standardize the exchange of clinical and financial data between payers and providers for real-time interoperability and compliance using FHIR® APIs.

  • Jump-start your FHIR® development using the Smart Trading platform without investing significant time and resources
  • Share FHIR® information with developers, members, and third parties in an expedient intuitive platform experience
  • Deploy interoperability solutions developed by professionals with nearly 50 implementations and 26 years of proven expertise in data exchange

Meet requirements for the Interoperability and Patient Access mandate with future-proof FHIR® APIs.

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Cloud Payer to Payer Data Exchange

Integrate with nearly any core system through a web-based, secure, modular, and configurable SaaS solution while ensuring compliance with the payer to payer data exchange requirements.

  • Improve the member experience with single sign-on and secure data mobility from one plan to another
  • Reduce IT footprint, costs, and complexity
  • Enhance operational performance with end-to-end tracking and analytics

Exchange data between payers in real-time using FHIR® standards.

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Cloud Member App for FHIR®

Empower your members to take control of their health while complying with the Patient Access mandate through a hosted web application.

  • Gain cost-effective end-to-end testing of API and data content for rule conformance/certification
  • Offer comprehensive clinical data visibility for members
  • Rely on Edifecs to onboard and test your interoperability solutions

Give members intuitive access to their healthcare data through a web-based application.

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