How can modernized Marketplace enrollment provide flexibility and reduce costs?

The modern, centralized platform, orchestrates the inbound enrollments from your front end shopping and selection portal, and provides new visibility, operational efficiencies and faster quote to card execution.

Infographic - Enrollment Management


Collaboration with Carriers

Ensure timely and efficient interactions with Carriers to resolve enrollment challenges and fall outs.

  • Support enrollment confirmation in a matter of hours
  • Enable self-service capabilities for coverage maintenance, corrections and discrepancy reviews
  • Set up scheduled transmissions to carriers based on their needs and desires

How can Enrollment Management for ACA / Marketplaces improve data exchange with Carriers?

Improved Data Quality

Limited transaction visibility into enrollment operations and manual processes can lead to large amounts of data errors send to carriers.

  • Leverage configurable business rules, discrepancy reconciliation, and real-time transaction detail
  • Validate inbound and outbound transactions for full lifecycle visibility
  • Reduce manual intervention and processing spend through automation and intelligent workflows, resulting in lower cost and less data errors

How can Enrollment Management for ACA / Marketplaces ensure better data accuracy?

Reduced Cost

With better control of operational processing, fees passed on to carriers can be reduced

  • Enable real-time status tracking and intelligent workflow processing
  • Drive expedient processing and delivery of enrollments to carriers
  • Automate upfront data validation and system-wide orchestration

How can Enrollment Management for ACA / Marketplaces help reduce fees?