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Teaching you to use our products is our passion. Learn what you want, when you want–from our experts. Get certified for your Edifecs talent investment.

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Our courses include expert software instruction using detailed real-world use cases and structured lab assignments. This combination provides a core knowledge and skill foundation. Participants will leave training sessions with a new confidence in their ability to use our software—with results.

Our training teams leverage the Edifecs University cloud-based infrastructure to ensure that your team has ready access to all software and de-identified data for optimal training and skill-building.

Is Edifecs University
right for my team?

IT Operations

Do you want to keep your systems running at peak performance? Edifecs University will help you achieve operational success by providing you the skills you need to fully unlock the power of Edifecs product features and functions.

Implementation Teams

Do you want to achieve a smoother, faster system integration? Edifecs University will provide the skills you need to be more effective on the job.

Business Users

Are you certain that your data and business processes are as effective as you need them to be? Effective training is essential to realize the transforming potential of Edifecs products to your business.

Course Options

Live Virtual

Customers and partners attend these training events from their locations. These sessions feature all the benefts of live instructor interaction and hands-on laboratory assignments. Sessions run 4 hours each day for optimal learning and allow you to balance Edifecs training with your other day-to-day obligations.

Virtual Courses

  • Key Benefits:
  • Frequently scheduled
  • Learn from any location
  • Subject matter expert
  • Edifecs University instructor
  • Focus on expert presentation
  • Hands-on labs to build confidence

Self-paced Videos

View recorded expert instruction, anytime, anywhere at your pace. Focus on the subjects you need and skip those you don’t. Edifecs self-paced videos are recommended as a pre-requisite to live instruction and as a refresher for courses you’ve completed.

Video Courses

  • Key Benefits:
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • HD video streaming
  • Subject matter expert
  • Edifecs University instructor
  • Focus on expert presentation
  • 60 day access

Onsite Instruction

Bring a dedicated, expert instructor to your team. Edifecs University onsite classes cover implementation, use and management of Edifecs solutions. Sessions include foundations of use and can accommodate discussions and use of your specific data, workflows and other unique learning needs. Enrollment limit is 10 participants, delivered at your location.

Onsite Courses

  • Key Benefits:
  • Custom training at your location
  • Exclusive for your team
  • Subject matter expert
  • Edifecs University instructor
  • Dynamic, interactive session
  • Hands-on labs to build confidence

Edifecs University

What can I expect?

Structured Labs

Learn by doing. Using our cloud-based infrastructure, our lab assignments will solidify the concepts we teach and give you tangible skills, ready to implement.

Real-World Use Cases

Discover deeper insight into effective and innovative solutions to problems as we apply what you learn to real-world situations through interactive discussion.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors have over 20 years of training experience and are consistently rated excellent in participant evaluations.

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