XES Manager

This XES Manager training teaches you to provide enhanced control over a group of distributed and remote XEngine Server instances. It is easy and efficient to manage XEngine Server instances with interactive, real-time monitoring, automated alerts and notifications, and visual analysis tools. Expert instructors will teach some of the key functionalities of XES Manager such as alert monitoring, batcher monitoring, tracking and duplicates and Transaction Management monitoring.

Live Virtual, $400/per-person
Interactive virtual sessions, multiple dates
Duration: 4 hours in one session.


Onsite or virtual for customer groups
Training at your location
Duration: 1 day



*Training Services Agreement

About the course

This XES Manager training teaches you to navigate the XES Manager interface, create and test rules, and integrate XEngine Server profiles and routes so they can send alerts and statistical information to the XES Manager.

Course Details:

In this course, you will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Configure custom alerts and notifications for key events from any XEngine Server profile and route
  • Enable monitoring the batching process establishing connection to a batcher configuration
  • Monitoring the tracking and duplication service performance as well as searching for duplicate claims
  • Monitor the status of the TM Service Manager and web server

Benefits for you:

  • Edifecs XEngine Server Manager offers features and benefits that enable IT staff to monitor and control a group of XEngine Servers, respond to issues quickly and efficiently, and perform ongoing analysis.

What you’ll get:

  • Labs to take with you to help you as a reference guide