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Adoption Services

Learn how to manage, maintain and continuously excel with your investment in Edifecs. Our experts will work with you to guide and enable your teams to optimize the usage and derive most value of Edifecs solutions. Edifecs Adoption and Enablement Services empowers your users to deliver immediate and long term value customized to your needs, helps users maintain high competence by eliminating the knowledge gaps that reduces the risk of business disruption.

Service Offerings


  • Environment validation and go-live readiness
  • Enterprise assessment to ensure stability and scalability
  • Analyze performance criteria, acceptance rates and other enterprise SLAs
  • Perform detailed root cause analysis to categorize/assign issues
  • Analyze upcoming future business needs to prepare for appropriate solution optimization and usage to maximize value


  • Enhance and optimize systems and solutions to stabilize and achieve defined SLAs
  • Perform regular activities to keep solution up-to-date
  • Perform optimizations to mitigate/avoid any risks post go-live
  • Proactively recommend enhancements/solution improvements based on latest trends
  • Help stabilize the system to achieve the required first pass acceptance rate


  • Provide knowledge transfer technical and operations teams
  • Train customer teams on topics including system functionality, solution architecture, configurations and failure recovery and issue prevention processes
  • Recommend processes, procedures and system improvements
  • Train customer product support team on root ause analysis, resolution and deployment activities