Payer Provider Collaboration with FHIR
Many health information technology (HIT) leaders believe FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ( is the standard that we need to accelerate interoperable health records.
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Scaling Value-Based Reimbursement Programs
Health plans and ACOs alike have struggled with bringing program automation, stakeholder visibility and scalability to their VBR programs. To resolve these challenges health plans must evolve their programs from legacy, spreadsheet-based administration backed by stagnant data and outdated analytics. View this recording and learn how to bring your VBR programs out of the dark.

A Single System for Encounter Management It is Time for ACTion
The foundation of any encounter management system comes down to ACT Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness. Health plans, if your encounter management lifecycle (technology and processes) does not deliver on these three aspects, then it is operating inefficiently. And for those plans involved in more than one managed care line of business, the level of inefficiency becomes multiplied.

Creating Your Marketplace 2.0 Success Blueprint
How ready is your organization to manage Marketplace 2.0 changes, maintain Marketplace revenue integrity and increase your market footprint? If there is any doubt, then you should view this webinar titled “Creating Your Marketplace 2.0 Success Blueprint.”

Edifecs Collaborative Testing
Reduce Risk and Costs with Partner-Centric Testing:With the rapidly increasing shift from volume-based healthcare to value-based reimbursement and care delivery models, health plans are deploying new programs and requesting more data from providers
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XEngine Server Manager
In a typical health plan’s IT production environment, multiple servers and services process millions of data files that continuously move into and out of the enterprise.
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