XES Module for FHIR
Enabling innovation is the key to better healthcare interoperability
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Group Enrollment Collaboration
The Key to Providing Best in Class Service:Strategic health plan scalability includes best in class enrollment service driven by collaboration and enhanced visibility into the enrollment lifecycle
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Medicaid Enrollment Management
As Medicaid enrollment and spending continue to rise, managed Medicaid health plans (MCOs) continue to seek ways to address rising costs, which can begin at the earliest part of the value chain; the enrollment process itself
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Washington Health Benefit Exchange: Achieving Enrollment Excellence
As any public and private healthcare leader will tell you, one of the biggest challenges to opening a new line of business is mastering immediate and future operational block-and-tackle processes. In this instance, “mastering” does not mean proficiency using the finest spreadsheets 1995 can offer.
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Payer Provider Collaboration with FHIR
Many health information technology (HIT) leaders believe FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ( is the standard that we need to accelerate interoperable health records.
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