XProcess Management

Improve efficiencies, reduce costly errors, and grow your business.

Health plans have extremely complex processes involving multiple systems making it difficult to locate a single file at any point in the process and determine its status. This lack of visibility directly contributes to process delays, unreimbursed encounters, breaches of vendor service-level agreements, broken continuity of care, and disrupted enrollment. XProcess Management is a healthcare-focused business process management solution that enables greater insight into processes and leverages results to sharpen your competitive edge and accelerate business.

Infographic - XProcess Mgmt


Critical Business Insights

  • Reduce the number of unreimbursed encounters by identifying and fixing errors early
  • Identify financial penalties incurred and correlate them back to specific errors
  • Optimize claims-to-encounters ratio
  • Visualize your data across all your processes simultaneously
  • Resolve process delays associated with inefficiencies or bottlenecks

Gain end-to-end visibility for critical business insights.

User Friendly Experience

  • Ensure enterprise-wide service-level agreement compliance by closely monitoring performance
  • Save time searching for missing patient information
  • Avoid “black-hole syndrome” where data is held up in between two systems
  • Receive events from any third-party system (REST/XML or via proxy channels)

Specify business process workflows with monitoring and dashboard functionality.

End-to-End Visibility

  • Identify complex processes that need to be simplified and streamlined
  • Confirm that gaps in care are closed without having to chase down charts
  • Receive real-time notifications of errors and rule violations
  • Gain visibility into external systems and their impact on bottom line

Get a single, unified view to various processes.