Infographic XEngine Server FHIR


Bi-Directional Integration

  • Integrate between FHIR and existing back-end systems and workflows
  • Adopt FHIR standards quickly with basic or no prior experience
  • Extend the capacity of existing systems, clinical repositories with FHIR to any partner
  • Aggregate HL7 transactions to trigger timely interventions at the point of care

Integrate with existing systems seamlessly.

Simple Platform Experience

  • Configure the experience to fit your organizational needs without compromising compliance
  • Engage members with access to resources and apps
  • Enable third-party ease of access and compliance with value-add features
  • Get a hosted solution with Zero technology footprint
  • Provide outstanding level of customer service with business friendly views of FHIR data

Control FHIR information sharing with developers, members, and third parties in an intuitive platform experience.

Standardized FHIR APIs

  • Support value-based care initiatives through Da Vinci Project use cases and FHIR Resources
  • Access standards database with out-of-the-box guidelines for HL7 FHIR (DSTU 3 and higher)
  • Jump-start the development of FHIR-based projects with proven technology
  • Decrease time to market by leveraging the flexibility and ease of FHIR
  • Get pre-built FHIR maps between other industry standards

Leverage 25 years of compliance expertise.