XEngine Server For FHIR®

Enable healthcare interoperability with FHIR® APIs

The evolution of healthcare consumerism, and CMS mandates, has accelerated the need for patients to access their personal health information anytime from anywhere. XEngine Server for FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) streamlines and standardizes the exchange of clinical and financial data between health plans and providers, ensuring real-time interoperability and compliance.

Infographic XEngine Server FHIR


Bi-Directional Integration

  • Integrate between FHIR and existing back-end systems and workflows
  • Adopt FHIR standards quickly with basic or no prior experience
  • Extend the capacity of existing systems, clinical repositories with FHIR to any partner
  • Aggregate HL7 transactions to trigger timely interventions at the point of care

Integrate with existing systems seamlessly.

Standardized FHIR APIs

  • Support value-based care initiatives through Da Vinci Project use cases and FHIR Resources
  • Access standards database with out-of-the-box guidelines for HL7 FHIR (DSTU 3 and higher)
  • Jump-start the development of FHIR-based projects with proven technology
  • Decrease time to market by leveraging the flexibility and ease of FHIR
  • Get pre-built FHIR maps between other industry standards

Leverage 25 years of compliance expertise.

Simple Platform Experience

  • Configure the experience to fit your organizational needs without compromising compliance
  • Engage members with access to resources and apps
  • Enable third-party ease of access and compliance with value-add features
  • Get a hosted solution with Zero technology footprint
  • Provide outstanding level of customer service with business friendly views of FHIR data

Control FHIR information sharing with developers, members, and third parties in an intuitive platform experience.