Infographic - SpecBuilder


Comprehensive Compliance Capabilities

  • Achieve compliance with predefined HIPAA, HL7, NCPDP and other guidelines
  • Define and test transaction with a rich, integrated, visual environment
  • Enhance data governance and enforce policy with custom business rules
  • Build test cases for compliance using internal and partner data files
  • Support validation and data transformation between standard and proprietary files

Protect PHI and comply with HIPAA data privacy rules.

Intuitive Editor and Extensive Library

  • Access and use 30,000 pre-built templates
  • Build maps using standard and proprietary formats or batch files
  • Reverse engineer specifications from data files
  • Import and export specifications and data efficiently

Develop guidelines fast with an intuitive editor and an extensive library of prebuilt templates.

More Visibility, Better Data Management

  • Understand the impact of change and partner errors with integrated reporting
  • Highlight differences in data files before and after system changes
  • Create and customize test data from production data
  • Gain business insights directly from transaction data

View, understand, and respond to changes efficiently.

Seamless Trading Partner Integration

  • Share user notes and comments about specifications
  • Publish guidelines, maps and data files in various formats
  • De-identify data to protect PHI when sharing with partners
  • Test partner data files against implementation guidelines

Share information with partners using a common repository and in multiple file formats.