Simplify transaction specifications with a professional-grade toolkit

Building accurate and precise data connections enables compliance with HIPAA and Operating Rules mandates, enforces business policies, enhances operational efficiency, and protects mission critical systems from failure. Simplify and accelerate authoring, testing and publishing specifications and processing maps for transaction processing with SpecBuilder—an integrated and easy-to-use specifications toolkit.

Infographic - SpecBuilder


Intuitive Editor and Extensive Library

  • Access and use 30,000 pre-built templates
  • Build maps using standard and proprietary formats or batch files
  • Reverse engineer specifications from data files
  • Import and export specifications and data efficiently

Develop guidelines fast with an intuitive editor and an extensive library of prebuilt templates.

Comprehensive Compliance Capabilities

  • Achieve compliance with predefined HIPAA, HL7, NCPDP and other guidelines
  • Define and test transaction with a rich, integrated, visual environment
  • Enhance data governance and enforce policy with custom business rules
  • Build test cases for compliance using internal and partner data files
  • Support validation and data transformation between standard and proprietary files

Protect PHI and comply with HIPAA data privacy rules.

More Visibility, Better Data Management

  • Understand the impact of change and partner errors with integrated reporting
  • Highlight differences in data files before and after system changes
  • Create and customize test data from production data
  • Gain business insights directly from transaction data

View, understand, and respond to changes efficiently.

Seamless Trading Partner Integration

  • Share user notes and comments about specifications
  • Publish guidelines, maps and data files in various formats
  • De-identify data to protect PHI when sharing with partners
  • Test partner data files against implementation guidelines

Share information with partners using a common repository and in multiple file formats.