Smart Trading

Achieve timely, secure, and scalable information sharing processes.

The need for the continual real-time transformation, sharing, scalability, and secure storage of information is at an all-time high as more people transition to permanent remote work and as companies, customers, and partners become more globally distributed. Smart Trading is a wireless ecosystem that enables more scalability, better security, and faster sharing of information across multiple locations and workstations.

Infographic - Smart Trading Cloud


Cloud Agnostic Deployment

  • Smart Trading is available via Docker images and can be deployed into any modern Docker management system such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, other
  • Scalability and failover are automatically controlled with using Smart Trading Docker images
  • CI/CD patterns are made available by using the containerization technology

Whether your enterprise relies on a private cloud or any (or multiple) commercial cloud vendors, Smart Trading can accommodate for your deployment and operational needs by using the Docker technology, allowing to be deployed within any type of a cloud environment.

Hybrid Cloud SAAS

  • Built-in connectors within on-premises Edifecs software to seamlessly integrate with the Cloud SaaS services Edifecs and non-Edifecs (AWS, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Wide range of Edifecs Cloud SaaS capabilities such as Cloud Repository for secure storage and collaboration, Cloud MFT for the managed file transfer, Cloud TPM for managing your trading partners and so many more allows for easy integration between your on-premises system and Edifecs Cloud SaaS
  • Specialized Cloud SaaS integrated solutions for mandate compliance (FHIR Module with Cloud SaaS Payer Admin and Member-facing applications, etc.)

When critical run-time enterprise environment requires tight control and management, Edifecs can take the heavy lifting by utilizing a combination of the Edifecs Cloud SaaS integrated with Health Plan’s on-premises system.