Infographic - Population Payment Management


Gain Critical Insights for Greater Impact

  • Analyze and optimize past, present, and future performance of value-based programs to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes and cost savings
  • Compare performance of value-based programs with other network providers
  • Improve stakeholder coordination, alignment, and satisfaction through transparency in payment methodology and reporting real-time, auditable, and accurate data

Gain real-time insight into financial, quality, and contractual performance, which facilitates continuous monitoring and optimization of value-based arrangements

Improve Information-Sharing Across Stakeholders

  • Leverage advanced data processing, analytical, and reporting capabilities
  • Enhance data stack with data-agnostic capabilities in terms of types of data that can be ingested and leveraged (e.g., administrative, financial, clinical, pharma, quality, etc.)
  • Access a single data source of truth with the ability to aggregate data from multiple stakeholders including payer, provider, and government entities

Improve trust in the quality of data with advanced processes in data collection, validation, transformation, integration, and aggregation

Increase Transparency into Payment Reconciliation

  • Ensure accurate payment reconciliation, auditing and reporting with user-controlled look-back options for more than 5 years of historical data
  • Gain predictive insight into future cost impacts and changes to payment arrangement and/or methodology
  • Identify value-based opportunities via historical and ongoing program analysis

Track and audit the complex financial adjustments for monthly PMPM payments and various contract reconciliations