Population Payment Management

Purpose-built technology designed to exceed the demands of value-based programs at scale – no matter the complexity or volume of contracts.

Value-based payment initiatives have moved beyond isolated pilots for micro-segments of members and providers; today’s healthcare organizations need sophisticated technology to manage complex programs across all payment models and lines of business. Unfortunately, many solutions in the market today were originally built upon a framework that only supported smaller scale initiatives, as well as only supporting a small segment of payment arrangement models such as shared savings or episodes of care, and are not able to either scale or support programs planned on the strategic roadmap.

Population Payment Management Technology Infographic


Automate and Standardize Value-Based Programs

  • Deploy preconfigured program templates, workflows, and immediately usable reports which contain valuable performance insights
  • Quickly and easily design new program templates tailored for your network development needs and value-based program goals
  • Eliminate reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets, and cobbled together tools, via a comprehensive, enterprise-wide platform approach
  • Centralize the development and administration of all value-based payment programs regardless of line of business, alternative payment model, or arrangement complexity

Simplify program development and administration across various alternative payment models and lines of business while maintaining data integrity and compliance mandates.

Gain Critical Insights for Greater Impact

  • Gain predictive insight into future cost impacts and changes to payment arrangement and/or methodology
  • Optimize value-based payment programs for improved performance year-over-year with real-time insight into financial, quality, and contractual outcome performance
  • Improve provider engagement, alignment, and satisfaction through transparency in payment methodology and reporting real-time, auditable, and accurate data

Analyze and optimize past, present, and future performance of value-based programs to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes and cost savings.

Scale Value to 100%

  • Expedite time-to-market by launching new programs based upon successful models' templates
  • Identify risk readiness based upon quality performance and medical spend
  • Identify value-based opportunities via historical and ongoing program analysis

Accelerate value-based payment program growth with an enterprise-wide solution that grows with you.

Administer Programs with Confidence

  • Employ a trusted, enterprise SaaS platform fully managed in a FedRAMP environment
  • Leverage actuarially sound templates, processing, attribution, cost and risk adjustments, and payment calculations

Gain confidence in contract administration with a mature and stable solution with live customer deployments since 2016.