Infographic - Operating Rules


Analysis and Assessment

  • Conduct business process and gap assessments for implementation
  • Identify current performance levels and gaps requiring remediation

Edifecs offers a suite of capabilities to identify gaps when implementing different phases of Operating Rules and to recommend remediation steps.

Ongoing Surveillance to Track Operating Rule Compliance

  • View executive-level dashboards for visibility into overall compliance levels in accordance with reporting and documentation requirements
  • Gain access to interactive detailed dashboards for compliance levels, including response time SLAs, transactions and acknowledgments balancing, AAA Error reporting, 271 data content validation, and more
  • Receive business alerts and notifications to facilitate timely compliance review and action

Monitor, document and report on Operating Rule Compliance with executive-level and detailed views, drill-downs of non-compliant systems, and notifications to facilitate timely compliance review.

Production Level Testing to Identify Implementation Gaps

  • Perform production level testing
  • Access comprehensive test cases covering most of data content and infrastructure
  • Ensure adequate coverage and completeness of test plans
  • Access intuitive dashboards to identify gaps and errors

Our suite of services orchestrates a production-like trading partner interaction and helps identify implementation gaps that can’t be uncovered during internal testing or CORE certification testing.