Group Enrollment

Improve Group Enrollment Satisfaction and Performance

Operational constraints, like working in multiple enrollment platforms that lack automation, compound problems, challenge scalability, and damage relationships with plan sponsors. Comprehensive account visibility, intelligent workflows, and collaboration tools for brokers and customers can shed operational burden and increase customer retention through accelerated "quote to card" experiences.

Commercial Group Enrollment Infographic


Streamline File Intake

  • Mitigate the challenges of custom, non-standardized 834s, ANSII 834-5010, etc formats
  • Deploy enrollment reconciliation and discrepancy resolution workflows
  • Automate data error correction with configurable logic, and source of truth comparison
  • Enrich incoming transactions with additional data required for downstream systems
  • Enable changes-only identification and processing for reduced load

Optimize intake, validation and processing capabilities to handle any file format, while reducing manual intervention.

Deliver Collaborative Toolsets

  • Provide near-real time views into member status, enrollment details and historical member transaction activity
  • Enable secure access to resolve fallouts from front-end processing
  • Streamline “out of schedule” enrollment file uploads
  • Establish client-specific permissions by role and responsibility

Provide your brokers and groups capabilities your competitors can’t enable them with self-service and detailed transaction visibility tools.

Implement Intelligent Workflows

  • Automate discrepancy identification and route to subject matter experts
  • Enhance coverage level detail with error resolution workflows
  • Enable business-level views of transmission workflows, transaction failures and audit discrepancies
  • Decrease processing time and errors associated with manual intervention

Decrease operational costs and improve client satisfaction by eliminating manual enrollment file management with workflow-enabled exception handling.

Enhance Partner Satisfaction

  • Decrease lead-time to production and accelerate onboarding
  • Enable configurable validations for separate TPA accounts
  • Manage multiple member transactions in the same file
  • Deploy a configurable and expandable rules library

Enhance partner satisfaction with streamlined, configurable rules and operations

Enable Lifecycle Visibility

  • Enable out of the box business-level view of processing performance
  • Ensure transaction-level view by status, and monitor scheduled or expected transmissions for assigned accounts
  • Implement a single view of enrollment transactions across lines of business
  • Drive visibility into, and improve the administration of, employer group waiver plans (EGWP)

Deploy dashboard-based reporting to ensure complete lifecycle/transaction-level visibility to plan sponsors.