Infographic - Encounter Submissions


Decrease State Penalties

  • Utilize dashboards to report and track SLA performance
  • Enable mass correction capabilities to fix errors and resubmit data
  • Leverage Edifecs-managed module updates based on State-specific changes

Drive continuous compliance to meet constantly changing State requirements.

Improve Risk-Adjusted Revenue Accuracy

  • Enable prospective risk adjustment analytics for direct Provider support in clinical settings
  • Leverage HCC-prioritized exception workflows, backed by AI/ML technology
  • Implement flexible business rules to improve first pass rates

Accelerate the attainment of accurate and compliant risk-adjusted revenue

Reduce Audit Exposure

  • Deploy a comprehensive solution to streamline MAO-002 and MAO-004 reconciliation
  • Reduce the submission of unlinked chart reviews
  • Enable up-front data validation to prevent the introduction of poor-quality data

Ensure your submission operations reduce audit exposure while supporting RADV and IVA performance

Streamline Regulatory Compliance

  • Enable continuous compliance-monitoring based on changes to the HHS-Developed Risk Adjustment Model Algorithm
  • Best-in-class regulatory change management

Ensure your submissions remain compliant with constantly changing CMS and State rules