Cloud Member App for FHIR®

Empower your members to take control of their health while complying with the Patient Access mandate through an intuitive, member friendly, hosted web application.

Despite investing significant resources to meet the CMS Patient Access mandate, third-party adoption has been slow and FHIR® implementations remain untested, impacting compliance. Edifecs Member App for FHIR® helps solve for third-party adoption and gives members access to their data in the FHIR® server.

Cloud Member App Infographic Placeholder


Member Friendly

  • Ensure ease of access with an intuitive member experience
  • Integrate seamlessly with Cloud SaaS deployment
  • Give your members convenient access with a mobile-friendly version

Empower your members to take control of their health.

Access & Visibility

  • Surface the following data to your members for a holistic view of their health:
  • Payer to Payer: Member records from other health plans
  • US Core USCDI: Member clinical data
  • CARIN BB: Member administrative/financial data
  • Da Vinci PDEX Plan Net: Provider Directory
  • (PDex) U.S. Drug Formulary: drug plans/covered drug details

Offer comprehensive, meaningful visibility to your members.

Mandate Conformance

  • Gain cost-effective end-to-end testing of API and data content for rule conformance/certification
  • Rely on Edifecs to onboard and test your interoperability solutions
  • Ensure ongoing compliance and updates with support for new versions of USCDI, CARIN, and Plan Net IG

Comply with the Patient Access mandate.