Chart Retrieval

Fast, reliable, and affordable access to clinical data through Electronic Chart Retrieval

Eliminate the time, cost, and reliability issues of manual chart retrieval.

Electronic Chart Retrieval Infographic


Centralized Record Storage

  • Reduce chart retrieval costs and connect data directly to coding solutions
  • Expand data access with a central data repository can be utilized by multiple departments to eliminate waste
  • Experience valuable insight on where the data is being used, why, and how to further optimize operations

Ensure that data for coding reviews (or any application) is centrally accessible for fast, reliable, and secure access

EHR Agnostic Solution

  • Minimize resources required and disruption to providers to retrieve records from EHRs
  • Amplify coding productivity boosts from Retrospective and Post-Encounter coding solutions with same-day retrievals
  • Improve data quality by eliminating obscured information with seamless, electronically transmitted files

Automatically extract medical records from remote EHR systems in a secure and HIPAA-compliant manner with no disruption to providers, decreasing administrative burden and provider abrasion.

Automatic Manual and Electronic Retrieval Workflow

  • Enables automation of chase lists, campaigns, and worklist creation while auto assigning and rebalancing workloads based on chart priority, campaign progress, and corresponding deadlines
  • Provides the ability to track campaigns, charts, teams, and vendor performance via a dashboard, calendar, and alert features
  • Facilitates an easy, direct upload for providers, alongside the ability to manage roles and permissions for various users

Automate manual and electronic retrieval workflows, monitor campaign progress, and evaluate provider and vendor performance through one platform.