Seamlessly share clinical information to improve care

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Clinical Data Integration

How can health plans and providers reduce administrative cost of care and operationalize value-based programs?

The Edifecs Clinical Data Integration ingests and aggregates clinical, administrative and financial information from multiple systems to create a single integrated view of the patient record to view and share across the enterprise and with external partners.

Product Spotlight

  • Population Dimensions

    Population Dimensions enables collaboration among the care team and coordination across the continuum of care to help healthcare organizations address the needs of population health management. With a clinician-friendly, shared view of an integrated patient record across payer and provider settings, care teams can focus on high and emerging risk patients and populations and coordinate with shared workflow.

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  • Smart Trading

    With Smart Trading, partners can collaborate with confidence to streamline administrative functions and support value-based care programs with an accountable care infrastructure. Acquire, aggregate and troubleshoot claims, clinical and pharmacy data. By consolidating administrative and clinical data exchange into one platform, Edifecs Smart Trading dramatically reduces IT infrastructure and administrative costs.

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Connect and exchange clinical and claims data with all your healthcare partners. Payer and provider collaborations around clinical data integration helps facilitate care coordination and continuity of care. The integrated and longitudinal member record is the heart of care coordination and population health management programs.

Digital Health Information Interoperability

Integrate with all trading partners through a single gateway–enabling interoperability with trading partners

  • Exchange administrative documents, clinical data and patient adherence to care programs
  • Connect and control interactions to increase data quality and compliance
  • Secure, role-based access to time-based views of integrated healthcare events for members and their families

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Collaborative Population Health

Scale population health management partnerships from pilot to mature operations

  • Reduce administrative inefficiencies by automating manual information exchange to support medical or utilization reviews
  • Securely share integrated views of patients between payers and providers
  • Prevent overuse of services with near real-time insights into the comprehensive view of a patient’s care across all providers and service settings
  • Identify permeability of accountable care networks and the root cause of network leakage

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360 Degree View

Aggregate, normalize and simplify access to comprehensive population health data sets in near real time

  • Clinical Encounters: Event notifications: admissions, discharges, transfers and updates. Clinical messages such as patient summaries, discharge summaries, inpatient or outpatient diagnostic results
  • Medical and Administrative Services: Pharmacy and medical claims, payer generated risk scores, clinical gaps in care information, reference lab and independent radiology center encounters, sleep center studies and other community services
  • Activity and Lifestyle: Activity footprint and reports derived from wearable devices, home diagnostic devices and employer worksite wellness programs

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Interoperable Business Processes

Flexibly access integrated member record views

  • Provide convenient access through the Population Dimensions clinical data repository and portal
  • Securely share integrated views of patients between payers and providers
  • Prevent “spamming” through access of only the required information from within the context of your current system via flexible data access APIs
  • Preserve integrity of clinical workflows by enabling visibility of relevant information to clinicians within native applications

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