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Enrollment Management

How can you consolidate and streamline enrollment intake across channels to reduce your total enrollment cost of ownership?

With Edifecs Enrollment Management, you can implement a single intake interface at the edge of the enterprise for managing channel growth and complexity as your business and products evolve. This helps you avoid costly changes in point-to-point integrations with core membership and billing systems.

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  • Enrollment Management

    Edifecs Enrollment Management standardizes and validates enrollment intake across channels. Configurable business rules trigger system-driven updates to downstream systems of record. Now you can modernize enrollment channels while standardizing intake—without costly changes to core systems. This is a speed-to-market advantage for your new products and services.

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Edifecs Enrollment Management lowers enrollment total cost of ownership through channel modernization, standardization and automation. Enrollment Management provides greater levels of visibility into enrollment transactions throughout the entire enrollment lifecycle. Dashboards display the current status of exceptions and discrepancies with drill down capability to review, resolve and close open items.

Experience hassle-free enrollment for all channels

Provide better service to your members by tracking and viewing the status of each transaction through the enrollment lifecycle.

  • Alert personnel to individual enrollment failures
  • Easily identify member enrollment cycle bottleneck points and items sitting on exception work list
  • Get visibility for balancing and tracking
  • Onboard new accounts more quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce training time for new employees

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Standardize enrollment intake

Edifecs Enrollment Management supports real-time integration with multiple enrollment channels through a standardized intake workflow for direct-to-consumer, group and Medicaid.

  • Configure and enforce interface standards across your enrollment channels, trading partners and custom enrollment file formats
  • Maintain file conversion standards, for example, the 834 format
  • Onboard new trading partner intake rules and install group accounts effortlessly with hundreds of pre-formatted business rules, in custom combinations

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Automate and standardize enrollment workflow

Reduce your enrollment total cost of ownership with standard, automated workflow established by configurable business rules. Automate your schedule of outbound enrollment files to all external systems and trading partners.

  • Configure rules to trigger and route exception records to work queues, and release only error-free transactions to propagate internal core systems and external systems
  • Reconcile and audit enrollment flawlessly
  • Improve enrollment quality by standardizing enrollment transaction input, exception management workflow, and file conversion workflow–enabling you to meet SLAs and KPIs

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Turn enrollment data into customer value

Enrollment Management is a consumer repository for enrollment history, providing a "source of truth" record for enrollment across lines of business and products. This consumer repository is maintained separately from the membership system(s).

  • Support a separate, extended data model for enrollment
  • Support churn analytics with a consumer repository of clean enrollment history that crosses lines of business and products
  • Enrich product analytics with historical views of customer product selections
  • Expand your capacity to launch new products and consumer experience strategies

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Interactive mission control

The Enrollment Management dashboards and reporting capabilities provide a comprehensive view of the status of all enrollment transactions.

  • Generate and review discrepancy detail reports automatically
  • Identify audit discrepancy details, then select and drill down
  • View current and trended open exceptions by line of business, group account and type

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