Enable Data Science

Add the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your enterprise decision making

Smart Decisions

The Edifecs Smart Decisions solution is a combination of best-of-breed machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms and a comprehensive web platform combined with integrated analytics and data set management functionality.

Our Approach

Edifecs Smart Decisions packages all the building blocks required to derive deep analytic value from healthcare data (insurer, provider, lab and pharma) to address diverse use cases. This includes a deep learning-enabled Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform featuring data engineering tools on a common Edifecs data store and a Web App store with ML depth. Also featured are user-friendly and insightful dashboards and GUIs addressing many key health plan and provider use cases via ML algorithms designed by data scientists with a deep understanding of the healthcare domain.


Explore and understand complex data sets

Enables the end user to examine the data and algorithms in use for a particular data science application

  •    Exploratory Data Analysis
  •    Feature Selection
  •    Algorithm Training
  •    Output Analysis

Create and manage data sets for use across your enterprise

Enables the end user to create, load and manage data sets for us in multiple applications

  •    Data Set Creation
  •    Data Set Viewing
  •    Management of Data Sets

Visualize Application Outputs

Explore the results of the applications in context with other business data points in comprehensive dashboard.

  • Modern pre-crafted dashboards
  • Relevant, actionable insights
  • Insights at the Member, Provider, Pharmacy and Plan level

Make your other applications smarter

Integrate Smart Decisions insights and predictions into other enterprise solutions which can benefit from them

  • Web API to interconnect solutions
  • Batch management of data integration processes